Puerto Princesa: The City in a Forest Birthday Travel Day 4- Baragatan Festival

“Every story has a beginning and an end. What lies between those two points is the journey.”

Time to say goodbye to the beautiful place as we already came to the 4th and last day of our Puerto Princesa, Palawan birthday travel. The last 3 days that we spent there was amazing so there’s a little sadness in our heart. Since we were the one who booked our flight I ensure to myself that we made an extra day as our chillax day or FREE DAY to stroll the city. Sounds like a plan. 🙂 By the way, I got this idea to my workmate though you’ll have to spend extra money which is not that much I guess or it depends on how you handle your budget for the extra day you’ll stay it is fine as the pleasure it offers to you is incomparable. 🙂

From the 1st day we stepped in to Palawan we were informed that our arrival was surprisingly a good timing because they were celebrating a whole week for their Baragatan festival. We were like what?! What is Baragatan? Good thing that google is always willing to share the knowledge. Haha. Baragatan Festival and grand Celebration of the Founding of the Civil Government of Palawan. From the Cuyuno word “bagat” which means convergence of people coming together from various municipalities bringing their songs, dances and music and present all these aspects of life through cultural presentation, trade shows, exhibitions, float parade and street dancing. Baragatan Festival 2014 was set from June 9-23, 2014.

IMG_8848Budz and I agreed to wake up early so we can stroll the city and buy pasalubongs. We were not really interested to the feast until we visited the Capitol. I am so stupid for being so stubborn not to visit the place during the nights, I got mesmerized to what we saw. Unluckily, not all the booths were already open as early as 9am. The booth represents their municipalities and I wonder how much effort they put on creating those stunning booths. It feels like we already went to their place. 🙂

IMG_8707Ehem.. Raffle Grand Prize at the back 🙂

IMG_8713Welcome to the Capitol 🙂

IMG_8723When you go inside of the booth you’ll see their products, how they make a living and the majestic places that can be found in their municipalities. A good exhibit of showcasing their place. 🙂




IMG_8726Hahaha, photo of Budz in a Talk N Text tarpaulin?!- not part of municipality- it’s a sponsor

IMG_8729So I am a forever proud part of Shell Companies in the Philippines. 🙂 Major Sponsor I guess. Correct me if I am wrong. 🙂

IMG_8731Back to the Booths. 🙂





IMG_8743We will see you in the future El Nido 🙂

IMG_8744My Favorite Booth ROXAS 🙂



IMG_8748Those were the only few booths that we managed to see open. So sad that we didn’t discover it earlier than our last day! But we were thankful for the experience it brought to us. Hihi. Another first time together. 🙂

Right after strolling we went to pasalubong center. There are two places to buy pasalubongs if you are into pearls I suggest go to Delmar but if you want t-shirts and other staff that are cheaper go to Mendoza. Be careful with the tricycle drivers that will try to rip you off, try to ask the personnel in your accommodation on how much is the minimum fare as we encounter a tricycle driver asking for a higher fare which we refused.


IMG_7976When we already have enough pasalubongs, we returned to the main road, ate our lunch and back again to our lodge so we can put down the things we bought. We were told that while waiting for our flight we can watch first the ati-atihan or street dance presented by the different municipalities.

IMG_8796We waited for an hour before it totally began, we were not able to finish the whole street dance as we need to go for our flight. I lose my patience because of the time waiting and the crowd. The first half of the event was for the small municipalities. I am not sure of this,  but it was not the main event of the street dance. I told Budz that we were like seeing Showtime Live except for the famous hosts that were not present in Palawan. We watched it for almost 2 hours and waited for 1 hour and half. 🙂 We have to be there early so we can get the good spot.




IMG_8818Presentation of Small Lalawigans


“It doesn’t matter how many miles we travel as long as we are together”


Yessss! This will be the last part of our Puerto Princesa Birthday Travel Blog! 🙂 Thank you so much for the good feedback that we are receiving since we shared it with you. 🙂 Uploading pictures in facebook is easy but the story behind it is a different thing. 🙂

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If you also want to have a stress free vacay like us you can contact Goshen Times who are very kind enough to arrange your preferred tour. Good luck and have a nice day! 🙂 GoshentimesTravelAndTours (https://www.facebook.com/GoshentimesTravelAndTours)


4 thoughts on “Puerto Princesa: The City in a Forest Birthday Travel Day 4- Baragatan Festival

  1. Love your Mr. Right/Ms. Always Right shirts. Hehehe!

    We also went to Delma Pearl. One nice thing about Puerto Princesa is that they have so many souvenirs to choose from. And the souvenirs are not really expensive.

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