Puerto Princesa: The City in a Forest Birthday Travel Day 3- Honda Bay Tour

“It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s who you have beside you.”

The days passed very quick that we were still in the midst of digesting the two extraordinary days of our lives. From the dream come true travel place to reality we were really floating to happiness. I am so in-love with this place and we promise to return in the future. 🙂 I don’t mind not having a birthday cake to blow that time what matter most is the memories, the place and the person with me. 🙂


Our day 3 itinerary was scheduled for the Honda Bay tour. We’re excited everyday to wake up and make the most out of that trip. I was also worried because of my super tanned skin that started in the last Shell Eco-Marathon I attended then getaways came along and it continues up to that moment. But it won’t stop us to enjoy the day. 🙂 Let’s get it on! 😀

We were fetched early in the morning and again we were in a combined group but with the different people from yesterday. It’s nice to meet new friends with different experiences, the whole day was funtastic. We were with the people celebrating the board examination passing, a foreigner and pinay couple in their honeymoon, family getaway, two friends from different countries travelling the Philippines and us celebrating my birthday. 🙂



The first place we visited was a floating platform in the middle of the honda bay. It is one of the most beautiful under water I have ever seen. It is a marine sanctuary that’s home to a lot of different fishes and clams. I must say that I really struggled in snorkeling activity because I don’t know how to swim and I am afraid that I might drown myself though I have my life vest, I am with a tour guide and with budz. I am such a worrier person it’s proven nevertheless I still enjoyed the different fishes under the water. 🙂


 Look at us the color of our skin- sunkissed!




Taken from my IPHONE4s with waterproof bag.



We were told that Luli Island means Lulubog, Lilitaw (Sink & Appears -haha). We ate our free seafood lunch in this place which was prepared by our none other than TOUR GUIDE slash COOK. Haha 🙂


 I will not write that much in this post, let the pictures do the story telling. 🙂

IMG_8557Believe it or not most of our couple shots were taken from our tripod. 🙂 #CoupleProblems




 We were just playing with the kayaks. I feel that it was not yet the time to try kayaking, I believe that there is a better place to do it. 🙂


Why so GWAPO?!


Luli Island


My favorite MANGROVES at the back. 🙂



 FAIL. Haha.


After we spent our lunch in Luli Island we just rest for a while and went to the next destination the Cowrie Island. It has an ambiance that makes you feel relax. The place was so quiet though there are a lot of people in the beach. What I love the most in this place was their coconut trees, perfect for our picture picture. Haha. 🙂




 My favorite shot. 🙂


 The island has a small Bar & Restaurant


IMG_8588Fail. 🙂

 Under the tree. 🙂


 Perfect Coconut Tree- ohh timer why so blurry?! 😦



 Time to enjoy the beach! 🙂





We ended our Cowrie beach bum in our Signature Pose 🙂

We returned to the city by 5PM too early for our next activity of Firefly watching. We still have the time to chill for a while and clean ourselves from the sand we got in the beach. Then after an hour the next tour van arrived earlier than what we expected.


The beautiful sunset in the baywalk greet us. 🙂 We need to wait for the others before we leave so we just roved around.




No exceptional thing about the baywalk but if you are a food lover you might enjoy the whole place of baywalk and eat their famous tamilok. 😀 When the participants were complete, we already went to the middle of the sea and eat in a buffet style. 🙂 Right after eating, we then proceed to the place where fireflies were located.


It was very dark, so dark that I wanna go back to where we started and back out. I was just seeing that kind of setup in a massacre slash horror movies. I have my eyeglass in my eyes so I can vividly see the surroundings which was freaking me out. I kept on pinching the legs of budz signalling that I might see an extraordinary creature. Hahaha. I’m crazy and I know it. Good thing until the end of the tour no surprises other than fireflies. 🙂

I believe from my researches there were two places where fireflies can be seen, through baywalk and through Iwahig. Most of my friends enjoyed the fireflies in Iwahig. From our experience which is through baywalk, the fireflies were very few and the darkness disturbed my concentration so I can’t give any good feedback. But at least we were able to see fireflies for the first time, they were like Christmas light that once laser was pointed out to them they will light up. 🙂


 Apologies, this is the only good picture I have taken. 🙂

Thank you for reading our DAY 3 trip in Puerto Princesa Palawan! 🙂 Here’s the link for our DAY1 City Tour:



DAY 2 The Underground River and Sabang Beach.


and Day 4 the Baragatan Festival


“No one can tell you what love is. You simply know it when you FEEL it.”



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