First Hike: Rockies of Mt. Maculot

Walking away is the thing that you cannot just do in the middle of the mountain. No dramas that you can’t finish it, in the first place no one push you to climb a mountain. These were in my thoughts when we climbed Mt. Maculot in Cuenca Batangas.


From Buendia in Jam Liner terminal take a bus going to Lemery and ask the conductor to drop you off at Cuenca Batangas. Minimum fare is 147PHP each. From there you can hire a tricycle to bring you in the jump off point of Mt. Maculot for 20PHP each. In our case, since we were guided from the start we just walked, it is only 10-15 minutes walk I guess. Before anything else, you have to stop in the Registration Booth near Barangay Hall for emergency purposes and fee is 20PHP each.
IMG_7200We were 10 in the group including the guides, yes we have two guides and not all of us know each other. We were composed of my friends in college, my friends at work and their friends at work. Haha. New friends, happy indeed! 🙂 Aside from Mhy and Shierland who have been in different mountains, the guides who have been in Mt.Maculot many times the rest of us were a newbie in mountain climbing. 🙂


Mt.Maculot Team


Disclaimer: This is a solo journey without my Budz don’t worry we are still BudzForLife! Haha. It just so happen that he is not yet ready for this kind of activity plus there were some personal health reasons that time. I am the one who is so eager to experience mountain climbing, so I pushed through with friends. No more couple pictures for the mean time. 🙂

IMG_7220We ate our lunch in Herman’s Paliguan before hiking to gain more energy and strength. It was already passed 12:00 PM if I remember it right when we started to trek. Before anything else, don’t forget to pray to thank the Lord for a wonderful day that He has given to you and ask guidance as this kind of adventure requires energy and comes with a lot of danger.



I was so excited to climb and see how does it feels to be in a mountain. I know it was difficult, but I didn’t realize ’till I felt that it was really hard. At first, the trail was still manageable for a first timer like me. I can still talked, smile and threw jokes to my college friends. But when I noticed that the trail was getting steeper and I became slower there’s a shortness of my breathe and my legs were shaking. Time checked: it was only 20 minutes of trekking since we started. Then I remembered, okaaaay I’m not a sporty person and I only do walking as my daily exercise other than that no hardcore thingy. So I thought of why pushed myself to be in the Rockies and keep up with these who were physically fit. I did it for fun, so I slow down for a moment and aja station number 4! Time to rest!



First Ten Minutes- I can still keep up with these Girls

We have oldies in the group (peace), but I consider my abilities in climbing as an oldie. Kuya Richie and I rested for a 10-20 minutes in station 4 to catch breathe and gain power. A piece of advise from a first timer like me, consider the abilities of each and everyone in the group. Climbed as a group and do not bully them if they can’t keep up with you. Remember it’s their first time they need guidance and motivations.

In the group, I am the stopper of my college friends we sometimes laughed because of me and my sluggishness that delays reaching the Rockies. Don’t blame me I easily gets exhausted. We have several stop overs because of me, thank God they have a very long patience when it comes to me! Hehe! Not only that when I felt that my things were getting heavier compare to when we started, I began to put some of my things in the bag of my Ninong without him noticing. So brilliant of me! Hahaha.

I noticed that fellow mountaineers always greet us, so even if I am lacking breathe I also greeted them to show courtesy. 🙂


Ninong took this picture when he was already in the Rockies and when we were still in the other end of the mountain. We have to cross first before getting into the rockies.


See me smiling here because we were almost there! 🙂 Yes, I climbed without a pony tail, not because I don’t have a pony tail but because I just wanted. Haha.


My companions getting up to the Rockies. Magic Word: PUSH MO KO HINDI AKO MAKAAKYAT! HAHAH. 🙂


Finally! With millions of sweats produced, I made it to the Rockies! 🙂 All the weary was washed out by the cold air and the view from the top was FUNtastic that wants me to stay for a lifetime there! 🙂 Pinoy will not be a Pinoy without picture taking right?! 🙂


IMG_7295Gerd who was afraid to be pushed in the mountain even if there’s no one near him. His cousin was also one of our guide. 🙂


Ivan who just followed us in the BUS terminal, almost left by the one we took luckily he was able to made it just in time from work. Haha. Right, addict mode on. No sleep, no rest but climb. 🙂


Paj (Ninong) who doesn’t showed any tiredness in climbing the mountain even if it was his first time. 🙂 He even asked for more climbs in the future! Good job Ninong! haha. 🙂


Seriously Gerd?! Doughie in the mountain? Careful! Kuya Obet in other side, late comer who made the itinerary super delayed! Hahaha. Just kidding aside. 🙂


Mhy, the super selfie girl of Mt.Maculot. 🙂 She posed like we were not in a very steep place! When I looked at her doing selfie thingy with a monopod, I can’t imagine myself and my phone! Haha!

IMG_7410Shierland, this girl is on fireeeee! Haha. Notorious in mountain climbing and adventures! 🙂

We really enjoyed the rockies and its super natural beauty from above. I wonder why it is famous among day hikers, aside from it is easy to climb (for those who’s stamina is in average, I consider my stamina in a super low haha) it is also accessible if you know what I mean, its only near from Manila. 🙂


Shierland gave me the idea to try a mountain experience. We talked a lot in our office about this kind of activity which made me decide to give it a try! 🙂


The Revised Meteor Garden Pose in Mt.Maculot




Our Mt. Maculot experience will not be successful if these two guys were not present! Haha. Our super handsome guides fresh from BATANGAS! 🙂

Untitled2The whole package of Mt.Maculot Adventure photo taken by aleng maliit! 😉


This is how I end up my summer at exactly May 31 2014, we climbed and descended Mt.Maculot in Cuenca Batangas together with old and new friends. 🙂


In a mountain, there are only two options you can either make it to your goal or you can’t. I chose to finish it and I did it. 🙂


We already descended in the rockies and reached the downtown passed 4:00 PM. Originally, we wanted to come also to Grotto but the time did not allow us. After the climb, we rested for a while in Herman’s place and then ate lomi in one of the carideria in Batangas. 🙂



  • Do not underestimate any mountain even if you have read in other blog posts that it is easy to climb.
  • Be ready and always count on yourself. Once you are already there, no more dramas because you can’t back out unless you can manage to return on your own.
  • Mountain climbing are not for those people who doesn’t want to sweat and gets dirty. You will sweat million times and gets dirty. Cut your nails, so when you have to grasp in soil or branches of trees dirt won’t be entering your fingernails. Haha.
  • Climb as a group, the more you stay together the happier it is because you can see all the epic scenarios during the trekking plus you can reminisce about past. Haha. 🙂
  • Keep calm and drink water. Haha



  • 250PHP- Back and forth- Buendia-Batangas
  • 16PHP- Back and forth Jeepney going to Buendia-house
  • 10PHP- Going to LOMI Carinderia
  • 16PHP- Going to terminal two rides (going home)
  • 500PHP-FOOD Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Packed Food, Chichirias, Chocolates

Thank you for reading! 🙂


14 thoughts on “First Hike: Rockies of Mt. Maculot

  1. Wow! Congratulations on your first hike, and we hope this will be an inspiration for you to climb more mountains. 🙂 By the way, we’ll refer to this blog post as our guide in climbing Mt. Maculot/The Rockies. We haven’t climbed that mountain yet.

    1. Oh yes, climbing is still part of our plan in 2015. Wow! My pleasure Sir, I am a newbie in writing blogs, I just really want to document our travels! 🙂 Good thing that you find it helpful! 🙂 Enjoy your future Mt. Maculot climbing! 🙂 God bless always Sir! 🙂

    1. Hi bellenere, we didn’t hire a tour guide we were accompanied by the cousins of my friend. 🙂 Maybe you can ask for the tour guide in the registration site, usually you can pay them 300-500. 🙂 if you are in a large group it is better so you can split the expenses. 🙂 When are you planning to hike Mt. Maculot? God bless! 🙂

  2. wow pico 🙂 we’ve been there last october kaya lang di kami pinaakyat sa parrot’s peak sa sobrang lakas ng ulan 😦 sana maganda yung weather pagakyat nyo 🙂 godbless!

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