AP-Downstream Australia: Team Getaway 2014

Working with the right persons, you don’t have to work so hard to be happy. It just happens effortlessly.


I’ve been working into Shell for exactly 2 years and 10 months now and with those years I only supported one team which is the DS Australia. This is the reason why Australia is so close to my heart. 🙂 I experienced a lot of ups and down in this team but since there were more happy moments I almost forgot all the stress it caused me before. In this post, I am not going to share what we are doing in our work as I know you will not enjoy it  what I am delighted to share is who are the wonderful people I work with.

Since  our team has a new team manager and it’s summer we requested for a swimming getaway as a team building. We were not very confident if this idea will push through because everything should be budgeted. We trust our manager in that aspect with a little help from our own pocket. We wanted to bond with each other as much as we can, forget the tasks for a while and make the remaining moments more memorable and exciting.

 April 24, 2014 after shift.

Anzac’s Day of Australia is April 25, 2014 so we decided to schedule our team building right after our shift April 24, 2014 Thursday. Majority of the team voted for an overnight event in a private resort. We have Joyce (MJ), Joycee and Denise (our team manager) as the organizers. Good job for these amazing ladies as we had a successful team building and not to mention MJ and Joycee are very much trusted in organizing things, team parties or mini event like this.

UntitledDenise and Mj


Busy Bees- Joyce (MJ) & Joycee

We left Makati at 5:30 P.M. and arrived in Caleb’s resort at exactly 6:30PM. Good thing it was not yet rush hour and Thursday only. We were late in our initial plan to leave Makati at exactly 4:00PM, the driver of our rented van cancelled their appointment with us as he got a serious problem with the car. I am really disappointed and ashamed to my colleagues because I am the one who referred it. Again, since I got a very loving and understanding colleagues I was forgiven. 🙂 In the end, we made an on the spot contracted Urvan Nissan driver. While travelling, it was really difficult to maintain the English policy speaking because jokes in Filipino when translated into English was not funny anymore so there were times of silence after throwing a joke. Hahaha. You know that AWKWARD feeling. 🙂

At Caleb’s Resort.

We were not assigned to do certain task when we reached the resort, so each of us did our own businesses. I noticed that the most in demand was the unli-videoke.

These three ladies, Mj, Shierland and Joycee were very busy preparing our food. Joycee and MJ sometimes grabbed the microphone to sing a song, a multi-tasker indeed! 🙂

IMG_6089The boys also helped in cooking food by grilling the fishes, barbecues and hotdogs. According to one of our colleague, Billy and Jaime had a good voice. Haha. 🙂 I do not know what I am doing that time as I didn’t notice it. 🙂 Ken also confessed that it was the first time that he sang in front of others. Wow. 🙂


From left to right: Ken, Billy and Jaime

Denise played billiards, took pictures and watched others as they prepare food. 🙂

IMG_6091Disclaimer: We also helped to prepare food, however we didn’t have any photos in the kitchen. Haha. 🙂

It seems like yes, we did some photoshoot. 🙂


Best pose ever of Art. 🙂 He actually liked it and made this as his computer screen background in the office. If I wanted someone to be with when it comes to taking pictures, I will choose Art as he is very patient to perfect the shot. 🙂


Our sexy hot and fashionista momma, Olive. 🙂

IMG_6125Finally, food were done and we were also very hungry. Everybody were like “Let’s eat now!” however, ate Olive requested for a last supper picture. Hahaha. Huwwwwwaaaaattt? We didn’t want it to be our last supper. 🙂

IMG_6120Denise not happy anymore, look at her face. Haha. She complained already – “Picture again?! I’m hungry.” Yes Denise, last one Smileeeee. 🙂 Haha.


Before getting into the pool, we rested for a while and wait until all the food that we ate were already digested. Haha. 🙂  Mj and Joycee prepared pool games which I must say was really  challenging. The team were divided into two groups, team DENISE and team JAIME.


Billy, Art and me were included in Team Denise while Olivia, Shierland and Kennedy was in Team Jaime. If I were to sum up what happened in the games oh well team Denise were really unbelievable as they beat team Jaime in no sweat at all. — WEAK— Hahaha. I remember ate Olivia blamed me in the second game why she can’t swim that time it is because she was afraid that I might hit her face by my foot. Hahaha. I am innocent and didn’t know that I am the reason why they lost the second game. Hahaha.


Groufie in the pool after the games. 😉 


When we were done with the games, we split up into mini groups again and bond with each other. Joyce, Shierland and Mj swam. Art, Billy, Kenny and Jaime played billiards and grabbed the microphone. Ate Olivia and me were not fortunate, (just kidding hahaha) we sat in the pool, ate junk food and drank coke with Denise. Ohhh well, you already know what happened next, what an effort conversation and I felt tired. It was really a good conversation and we got chance to know more about her like our team mates which we already knew. 🙂

Since I am the first one who slept early, I didn’t know what happened next. But from their stories in the morning four of them didn’t sleep at all — Olivia, Shierland and Jaime. They just enjoyed the night in the resort and most of all the videoke. 🙂 When I woke up my camera already have these cute photos. Hahaha. 🙂


Jaime- I lost my respect on you. Hahaha. 😛 Nganga pa. 🙂


Could somebody report this to our HSSE focal? Ooooppsss he’s our HSSE team focal. Tssssk! Violator! and Who’s that Dyesebel? 🙂


Nice try Art. Haha. 🙂


The Juiciest member of the team floating in the air– Joycee. 🙂 


The kid at heart member of the team — Shierland. 🙂


The Goddesses of Caleb’s Resort definitely not AU Team. 🙂 Haha. Only in Caleb. 🙂

We really had a good time away from work, knowing that we can’t be together in one team few months from now made us the happiest people when this event was push through. I will definitely miss these people in the team because even if we have different interests and backgrounds they were always open to hear new ideas and your viewpoints in life without judging you. This is the team where you can get support and respect, support for one another to accomplish goals (zero workflows) and respect your opinions even if these are an out of the moon ideas. Hahaha. 🙂




Here’s the details of our team outing:

  • 6,000 PHP Caleb’s Resort overnight stay 7PM-7AM
  • 2,600 PHP Food
  • 3,800 PHP Van

Caleb’s Resort Caretaker/Contact Person: Mike Ancheta- 09284789882


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