Part II: Mesmerized by the Beauty of Nature – Ultimate Ilocos Tour

Reminiscing what happened in our 1st day was the way how we started our second day in Ilocos.  We felt body aches but it was totally awesome when the good moments flashback in our mind especially those “semplang” times we had in the Sand Dunes. The not so good incident on our way to Ilocos were totally forgotten.  (Yesssss!) If you haven’t read the Part I of our Ilocos tour here’s the link and check out.

We spent our 1st night in Aurelio’s Mansion in Laoag with complimentary breakfast. (Unli rice+Unli Longganisa+Unli Dilis+Unli Water and Nescafe) The place was decent so we were contented and happy with it.  Before we finally rest that night we swam for a while and chitchat. The water in the pool was seriously cold, it could be the reason why Budz was not feeling well in the morning. One funny thing that came out in my mind when I saw the water in the morning — did I really swim in that pool?! Hahaha You know what I mean, the water was not clear as I thought, the light in the swimming area was not the regular light that we can determine immediately if it is clean or not. I just ignore the thought and continue to eat my breakfast. 🙂


It was already passed 7:00 A.M. when we left the hotel and went to our 1st destination. The Cape Bojeador Lighthouse.  When we stepped out in our van, the first thing we noticed was the view of it. We were fascinated by the whole sight of the blue ocean. We did not expect that it would be much beautiful in the peak of the lighthouse. If I would be given a chance to stay a little longer there, I would definitely stay for a half day maybe. The cold wind coming from the ocean gives you a different sensation.



We didn’t know why we were too excited and didn’t notice the time when we were in the lighthouse. It was already 10:00 A.M. when we left  and we were late in our itinerary for the second time around. The downside of having a combined group in a tour is you have to wait for each other before you leave the area. So when we arrived in the Kapurpurawan  Rock formation we agreed to return after 30 minutes.

That idea was really bad— heading to Kapurpurawan Rock Formation was already beautiful and 30 minutes time was not enough.  The heat of the sun was extremely hot but we didn’t care anymore as we were really amazed by what we were seeing that time. There are locals that will ask you for a horse back ride, if you were in a hurry and you want to help them earn a little you can get it by 100PHP/person.




We were already toasted in the sun when we reached the white rock formation. All worth it I must say.  We went back to our van running to save what else we can save to our skin. Hahaha. Honestly, I really don’t care if I got tanned by the heat of the sun, you were there to enjoy every bit of the place you will be going. Never regret because it gives you great satisfaction. 🙂

IMG_4498 IMG_4536

IMG_4517 IMG_4521The next place we visited was the well-known Giant Bangui Windmill. There were 20 giant windmills all in all. I counted it when we were there. Just Kidding. It’s a fact.The Bangui windmills were built by the NorthWind Development Corporation to produce clean energy for the province and help reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse effects that cause global warming.

IMG_4547IMG_4588IMG_4621 IMG_4608

Then we were dropped off in Patapat Viaduct, it is a coastal resort town on the northernmost tip of Luzon. There’s nothing much you can do here aside from taking pictures as your remembrance and look into the wide deep ocean. 🙂 IMG_4644


After 10 minutes of stay in Viaduct we already left and led our way in Bantay Abot Cave. It was our first time to be in a cave and it was not the same with the one we used to see in a television. You have yo be very careful as there were a lot of rocks that can cause you slip and hit your head. The scenery in the Bantay Abot Cave really captivates our heart, I am not so sure if you can swim in there but the water was cold when we felt it by our feet.IMG_4690

IMG_4696 IMG_4702 IMG_4668

Our last destination in our 2nd day tour was trekking into Kabigan Falls. We trekked for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, it could be 30 minutes to 45 minutes depending on how fast you walk. In our case, we stopped and mostly talked a lot which made our walking a little bit longer.  While we were trekking I loved the green surroundings we were seeing when we were passing by.  It makes me feel I am really in a province and we were breathing fresh air.



The Kabigan falls has the image of Papa Jesus which amazed us. It’s like Papa Jesus was watching whoever swim in this falls.


The highlight of the day turned out to be the resting hours. Haha. When we already arrived in beach resort which we stayed for a night, we did not swim we just ate and slept afterwards. We only take few pictures because our body was really tired so we just decided to rest early.

From Polaris Beach Resort you will see  the windmills. 🙂 

My Love. 🙂


We didn’t have enough time to swim in the beach as our call time in the next morning was too early. 😦 What saddened me most was when we found out that the other group just finished to swam in the morning and we waited for them ’til their ready. If I just knew it, I will definitely enjoy the white beach of Pagudpud.

So instead of getting irritated with the other group we just walked for a while and take some pictures. 🙂IMG_4962The I love my Devil and Angel T-shirt. 🙂IMG_4940

Before we went back to Vigan, we went first to the Malacanang of North. This should be in the first day of our tour but since we didn’t have enough time we agreed to visit it in our last day. The mansion was really big and there’s a lot of chairs everywhere. I am unhappy when we visited it as I imagine how come a small family lived in that very big house when there’s a lot of people that doesn’t have a house at all. I didn’t even try to visualize the houses of other known people in politics as I will just stress myself. Hahaha.


Back to Vigan for pasalubong hunting and lunch! 🙂 We were almost done with our 3 days tour in Ilocos and it was really a blast! 🙂 We found new friends because of Kylieee and we had super fun slash tiring experiences. 🙂

IMG_5139 IMG_4418 (2) IMG_5127Again, since we were in a tour package we didn’t have the time to ride in a Kalesa to roam in Vigan. 😉 If I would be a travel tour agency, I would put time at least 2 hours to tour around this Old City. 🙂

All in all another achievement of travelling together and with friends now. 🙂

Details of our 2nd day and 3rd day tour. 🙂

March 15, 2014- 2nd day

  • 06:00am Breakfast at Hotel
  • 08:00am Visit St. William’s Cathedral
  • 08:30am Proceed to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, and Bangui Windmills
  • 12:00pm Lunch at PAPA NARDS (on own pax account)
  • 01:00pm Proceed to Kabigan Falls jump off (20-30 min trek to the falls)
  • 02:30pm Drop by  at Patapat Bridge
  • 03:00pm Visit Blue Lagoon and Bantay Abot cave.
  • 05:30pm Check in at  Beach Resort.
  •  Free time to Explore the Beach

March 16, 2014- 3rd day

  • 06:00am Wake up call Breakfast (on own pax account)
  • 08:00am Departure resort to Vigan.
  •        Picture taking at Welcome arc of Pagudpod
  • 11:00am Estimated time of arrival at Vigan. Free time for Souvenir hunting and buy Pasalubong
  •        Early lunch at Vigan(on account)
  • 01:30pm Departure Vigan to Manila
  • 11:00pm ETA Manila. End of Tour

Here are some of our group photos. 🙂

Kylie- our travel buddy. 🙂



IMG_4164 IMG_4201

Kylie’s friend now our new friends. 🙂

IMG_4170 IMG_4086 IMG_4059


Thank you for reading the second part of our Ilocos Sur/Norte Get away! 🙂 Here’s the link of our Part I Ilocos Tour. 🙂

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