Part I-Tagaytay Cold Breeze: 3 Years of Celebrating Valentine’s Day Together :)

Three years of togetherness in Valentine’s day is something that is worth celebrating.  🙂


We’ve been planning our Tagaytay backpacking from the start of the year as we do not want to screw up. Unfortunately, despite of our extreme researched we end up in the long cut of getting there. Hahaha. That’s so funny! 🙂 Never trust my memory in managing directions.

Our original plan was also a dream escape as I realized we cannot make it if we are just staying for an overnight. So the tourist spots that we managed to visit there are the Picnic Grove, Sky Ranch and People’s Park in the Sky.

It was already lunch time when we arrived at the picnic grove. We were so tired and hungry so we decided to eat first and chill. We left Manila at 9:00 AM as we were too lazy to wake up so early. This was the reason why we didn’t have so much time to enjoy the place but we still roamed around.



IMG_2335We were in a tight schedule as we arrived late in Tagaytay. We do not have enough time to do all the activities we wanted so after an hour and half of stay in the picnic grove we already went to the place where we will stay for a night.

We got this Aroma Apartelle which is a budget friendly and as per blogs I have read the place is nice. It is located near in Olivarez which happened to be close to our next destination, Sky Ranch.


Disclaimer: This is not my real skin color, I got tanned by the Shell Eco-Marathon Event.



To be honest, we were not very happy with the place we stayed in but knowing that we only got it in a cheaper price it is fine.

Next and last destination for the day was to visit this amusement park called Sky Ranch. From apartelle, we rode a trike to Olivarez to get some junk foods for myself and cookies for budz. (Budz is not into junk foods, only me! :D) Going to Sky Ranch, you have to ride another jeepney. I am so sorry, I already forgot the signed board of it but you can always ask the locals for the correct way. like we did. 🙂


At last, Sky ranch! 🙂 There’s an entrance fee of 50PHP/pax and the tickets for rides are not available in a ride-all-you-can pass. I find it as a bit expensive for just one ride. (Or am I just a kuripot person?) We just chose to try the famous Sky Eye which I heard a lot that it is the highest ferris wheel in the country. The weird feeling was I got scared more in the ferris wheel of SM Mall Of Asia.


IMG_2399 IMG_2443IMG_2446IMG_2424Funny moment again, we wanted to have a souvenir photos that were exactly the same with the one posted in the ticket booth or near the ticket booth but we do not want to spend extra money for it. I went to the booth like looking for the prices of the rides but honestly, I am looking on how and where did they shoot it. :p 

There is also an overlooking of Taal Volcano in Sky Ranch. Thanks to my tripod for our wonderful photos. 🙂






Please note that we did the photoshoot first before riding the ferris wheel. The sun was still there and my lovable budz didn’t want me to be tan for the second time around. 🙂

IMG_2498 IMG_2496

The day came to an end as the sun already set. We already returned to the apartelle to get some rest for our tomorrow’s last destination, People’s Park in the Sky.

IMG_2546IMG_2574IMG_2579Here’s the details of our expenses in the 1st day. Please do bear with me if I did not put into details on how to get in Tagaytay from Manila, it’s for your own sake. I suggest do not take our route, it is a long cut. 🙂

February 15, 2014

  •  Going to Gil Puyat 16PHP/2pax
  • Going to Balibago 122PHP/2pax
  • Jeepney going to Tagaytay 80PHP/2pax
  • Trike to Picnic Grove 30PHP/2pax
  • Picnic Grove Entrance 100PHP/2pax
  • Lunch- 429PHP/2pax
  • Going to Aroma Hotel (jeepney signed board Olivarez)- 20PHP/2pax
  • Going to Olivares trike-20PHP/2pax
  • Grocery merienda- 180PHP/2pax
  • Going to Sky Ranch jeepney- 16PHP/2pax
  • Sky Ranch Entrance- 100PHP/2pax
  • Sky Eye Ride- 300PHP/2pax
  • Dinner- 325PHP/2pax
  • Going back to Olivares jeepney-16PHP/2pax
  • Going back to Hotel trike-20PHP/2pax

Thank you for reading the part I of our Tagaytay post! 🙂 Here’s the link of our Part II post in Tagaytay! 🙂


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