Part II-Tagaytay Cold Breeze: 3 Years of Celebrating Valentine’s Day Together :)

We were up very early in our 2nd day in Tagaytay to be more productive than our yesterday’s destinations. Our plan was to visit the People’s Park in the Sky and afterwards go back to the picnic grove for a horse-back riding if we still have the time. We availed first our free breakfast for two before going to our new adventure. 🙂

If you haven’t read the Part I of this post. Here’s the link:

IMG_2625After eating, we took the opportunity to capture a lot of photos as the apartelle got a very nice view.  I enjoyed a lot so what happened next, we were delayed by 1 hour of our plan for that day. Hahaha. 🙂




Going to People’s park, we went back to where we were dropped by in our 1st day. We rode a trike from Apartelle as advised given by one of their staff. We waited for a jeepney heading to People’s Park but you can also ride a trike going there and it will cost you 60PHP/pax as what the drivers told us. We refused to have it because a jeepney is much more cheaper than it. Hahaha.

I didn’t expect that People’s park was far from our Apartelle but I can say that I liked the place because of it’s nature scenery. We also noticed that the park was very old already. It doesn’t matter at all as I am a nature lover and I enjoyed the sight seeing.


Our visit will not be completed without taking a memories of it.  So we grabbed our camera and strike a post everywhere. Hahaha. I do not know what is the name of these trees but I liked it. 🙂


Just a piece of advise, refuse those trike drivers who will ask you for a ride getting there because it is only a 5-10minutes walk. 🙂 You will be fooled if that would be your first time, thanks to the blog that we have read giving tips about it. 🙂



I am just practicing my photography skills. Hahaha. Just kidding but yes I am a frustrated photographer. :p My Budz looks like he’s trekking but no he’s not. 😛

The view and the panda hoodie. 🙂


What I am happy about that day was the sun was not too hot to enjoy the place. 🙂 We were very lucky to have a good weather. When we reached the peak of the park we took a lot of photos. 🙂 The place could have been more appealing if there would be flowers. Hahaha. Just saying. Before I forgot, we paid 30PHP/pax for an entrance fee to the park.

Look at the sky, isn’t amazing?! 🙂

IMG_2660IMG_2663 IMG_2670IMG_2686



IMG_2711These pictures below were my favorite as I have ran quickly to be in the spot.  Hahaha. I got tired but the result was awesome so it’s all worth it. :p We don’t have the remote control yet but I am planning to have one as we used tripod a lot. Thanks to our tripod again! 🙂


To my surprised, we bumped one of my colleague in Shell. I heard someone was calling my name when I am setting up our camera, then I looked at from where the voice was coming. It was Rache who was calling me. Hahaha. Hi Rache! Sorry for my stolen pic of yours! 🙂

IMG_2730It was already 10:00 AM when we agreed to leave the People’s Park and see if we can still make up with our horse-back riding in picnic grove. Going to People’s park was so easy, however going back to the main road was a bit difficult as we waited for so long for a ride.  A jeepney driver going down was so kind to gave us a ride for only 5PHP/pax. From where he dropped us, we rode another jeepney going to Olivarez and decided to skip the picnic grove as we will be charge for a late check out.




Finally, at 11:30 AM we were already in our apartelle and we still have 30 minutes to take a rest. 🙂 At 12:00 PM we already checked out and went home.

It was really a tiring overnight escape from the city but the memories we had for those two days were truly cherished! We are still looking for another adventures in these coming months. 🙂

IMG_2749 IMG_2753 IMG_2755 Here’s the breakdown of our 2nd day expenses.

February 16, 2014

  • Trike to Terminal from Apartelle-20PHP/2pax
  • Jeepney to People’s Park-16PHP/2pax
  • Entrance Fee- 60PHP/2pax
  • Candle Lighting- 20PHP/2pax
  • Going down from People’s Park- 10PHP/2pax
  • Jeepney going to Aroma Apartelle-30PHP/2pax
  • Overnight Accomodation with free breakfast for two-1800PHP/2pax
  • Pasalubong 300PHP
  • Budz forgot how much we paid for the fare going home to Manila but estimated amount was 180PHP/2pax.

Overall, I am so proud of ourselves we made it! Hooorraaay! 🙂 Thank you for reading the last part of our Tagaytay escape! 🙂 Here’s the link of our part I Tagaytay Cold Breeze post. 🙂

IMG_2676 IMG_2675IMG_2353

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