The Musuem Manila: Something new for our Date

You’ll be reading a lot which was posted late because I just recently created my blog. I wanted to share all of our unforgettable moments this time. 🙂 This year will be awesome as this is the first time that we are already free from the busy life of a college student. 🙂

Kevin and I graduated way back 2013 but we never tried something new in our date like travelling and exploring because I really had a busy schedule at work. Our most favorite thing to do is to watch movies and jogged Snow. Snow is my siberian husky. 🙂1656422_10202303924391768_1411439900_n

To start with our first something new for our 2014, we decided to visit the Museum located within the premises of the well known Boom na Boom before in Pasay City. I purchased vouchers from Metrodeal so instead of paying 350PHP entrance fee we paid for 299PHP only per person.

I called them before going to the Museum as part of their instructions. The reason I got from them on why they require a reservation first was because they want to ensure that we will not be going when there’s a lot of people coming in from the field trip. That was nice because I won’t be enjoying to see pictures with a lot of photo-bomber.

The museum has Chinese, Greece, and Egyptian civilization. The indoor museum was fully air-conditioned and replicas of the ancient artifacts can be found here.




1779107_10202305557072584_1844845194_n1601407_10202304001593698_941176551_n1511177_10202305569192887_2025699994_nTo be honest, if you are a couple looking for an exciting thing to do this is not the right place unless you are very open to anything. I did enjoy even if there’s nothing much to do here because I am with the man I loved.  Yes, cheessy mode. Hahaha. By the way, I am a very cheessy girl or should I say sweet lover girl. Yay! Hahaha. 🙂

After the indoor museum, we were headed in the outdoor museum. There were a lot of big statues that fascinates us from Chinese-Greece-Egypt.





1609679_10202305608313865_1506224627_n 1779195_10202305613874004_2006713851_n 1689697_10202305589873404_2124934302_n 148288_10202305614914030_1160150615_n


Overall, spending an hour to this museum is just fine as long as you are with your partner who will never complain in all you crazy ideas. Hahaha. I highly recommend this to schools/students who are afraid to have their educational field trip in a very far location.

1185044_10202303987433344_920552135_n 1897788_10202305763357741_1453592672_n 1660526_10202305760677674_1603392815_n 1010962_10202305775398042_2071774554_n


  • 598PHP- Entrance Fee
  • 397PHP- World of Chicken *MOA
  • 120PHP- Makati to The Museum in Pasay City
  • 16PHP- Going to MOA
  • 16PHP- MOA going home

I am not good into directions but as far as I remember there are shuttles passing by in the Museum. These shuttles are from Gil Puyat- signed board is MOA just tell the driver to drop you off in Boom na Boom.

Thank you for reading my 2nd post! 🙂


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